What You Can And Can’t Put In Your Skip

In addition to being a super convenient and efficient solution, skip bins are a great time saver for waste management during projects like home renovation, construction sites, or general cleanup. However, one needs to understand what you can and can’t put in a skip bin. It is necessary to understand this to ensure compliance with regulations, prevent potential hazards, and avoid additional fees or penalties. 

In this blog post, we will provide you with a complete guide on what items you should dispose of in your skip and what items are prohibited to help you make informed decisions when it comes to waste disposal.

What You Can Put In Your Skip

  • General Household Waste: Skip bins are often used for the disposal of everyday household waste, like paper, cardboard, packaging materials, and plastics. Also, you put kitchen waste like fruit and vegetable waste. 
  • Garden Waste: You can also put waste from your garden, such as garden trimmings, grass clippings, tree branches, leaves, and other organic waste from your garden. Although, do remember to separate green waste from other types of waste to ensure proper recycling and composting.
  • Inert Materials: When it comes to inert materials, you should enquire about certain guidelines first. Most commonly, inert materials like sand, soil, rocks, and gravel are acceptable to be disposed of using skip bins.
  • Construction waste: The most common use of skip bins is during construction and renovation projects to dispose of construction waste like bricks, concrete, tiles, timber, plasterboard, and metal scraps. Although, it is crucial to adhere to weight restrictions imposed by the company offering skip bin hire in West Auckland.

What You Can’t Put In Your Skip

  • Hazardous Waste: When it comes to things you can’t put in your skip, any kind of hazardous waste is prohibited. This includes asbestos, chemicals, paint, solvent, oils, batteries, gas, cylinders, and other substances considered flammable, toxic, and pose a risk to human health or the surroundings. For this type of waste, one should follow proper disposal methods. Using skip bins has great benefits for keeping your environment clean and organised. 
  • Electronic Waste: Commonly known as e-waste, electronic waste like televisions, computers, printers, refrigerators and electronic devices, and home appliances require proper recycling processes and should not be put in skip bins.
  • Medical Waste: Medical waste includes pharmaceuticals, syringes, and biological waste. These items require specific handling and disposal procedures in order to protect public health and prevent any sort of contamination of the surrounding.
  • Liquids and Wet Waste: Most skip bins are not designed to handle liquid or wet waste. It includes paint oil, chemicals, food waste, and other liquid materials. It can not only damage the skip bins but also affect the environment. 
  • Large or Heavy Items: Every skip bin comes with a weight limit that the skip bin provider will mention through terms and conditions. That is why you should avoid disposing of items that exceed the weight limit. If you want to dispose of items that are heavy, consider mentioning your specific requirements to the skip bin provider for the right waste management solution. 


For proper waste disposal and compliance with regulations, knowing what you can and can’t put in a skip is important. Follow the guidelines mentioned above to ensure safe and responsible disposal of waste materials. Also, it is important to check with the skip provider for rules and regulations to avoid confusion about acceptable and unacceptable items. Following these rules ensures proper and safe waste management and contributes to a cleaner environment.

Cheap Skip Bins | Thinking About Where Waste Goes!

No one likes waste thrown around here. Thus, proper waste management is necessary for maintaining a clean, hygienic and sustainable environment. As the volume of waste produced every day rises continuously, it is essential to find a solution that is cheap yet effective. In fact, the solution that has gained the most popularity these days is Skip Bins.

What are Skip Bins and How do they work?

Skip Bins are basically large containers that are used to collect, segregate and dispose of waste.

They are not only cost-effective but also a convenient way to manage waste disposal.

But, ever wondered where all this waste goes and how it is treated afterwards? Is the waste just collected from one place and thrown at some other?

When it comes to skip bins in Auckland, you must know that waste management is taken very seriously here. Let me explain how they work and treat your waste after collecting it.

Skip bins are delivered to your location and installed at a convenient spot for everyone to access easily. Once it is placed you can dispose of all types of waste in it whether it be household rubbish, construction debris, green waste or even hazardous materials.

Once the bin fills up, it will be collected by the professional waste management team and taken away for segregation. At the facility, it will be sorted into designated categories and treated accordingly.

For example, items like paper, plastic bottles, and glass containers are treated as recyclables and therefore sent for the recycling process. On the other hand, organic materials like food scraps are sent through composting methods for producing nutrient-rich soil additives.

So you see skip bins play an essential role for households and businesses to dispose of their waste properly while minimizing any harm to the environment.

How can you Hire a Cheap Skip Bin in Auckland?

Finding an affordable yet professional skip bin service in Auckland can be challenging. However, it is not impossible if you take the right path. Therefore, follow these steps to hire Cheap Skip in Bin Auckland:

Research: The first and most crucial step is thorough research. For this purpose search for cheap skip bins in Auckland or ask for recommendations from friends, family or colleagues.

Request Quotes: Once you have a list of the best skip bins in Auckland, ask them for quotes that include the details about price, size and after-installation services.

Compare: Besides the cost, also consider the reviews, reputation and additional services offered by the skip bin provider. These services can include delivery/pickup services and recycling terms.

Book the Skip Bin: Once you have identified a skip bin provider that offers the best value for your money, go ahead and hire it. Provide them with your basic details like name, number, and delivery location and confirm the payment terms with them.

Benefits of Cheap Skip Bins for Waste Disposal

Hiring a skip bin is a very useful and effective method of waste management in order to protect the environment. Apart from this, here are the other benefits of a cheap skip bin:

Efficient Waste Management

Skip bins are the most convenient and efficient way of disposing and managing your waste without messing up your surroundings. As a result, it helps you maintain a clean and sustainable environment. In fact, you can even dispose of a large quantity of waste that is produced when you are moving a house or carrying out a construction project.

Not only this but skip bins are also a legal dumping solution for everyone in Auckland and thus it reduces the risk of illegal waste dumping.

Cost Effective

Cheap skip bins are the most affordable option for waste dumping. As a result, it eliminates your expenditure on expensive equipment and vehicles for disposing of the waste yourself at the dumping yard.

Moreover, it also protects you from hefty legal fines for dumping waste in public places.


The skip bins are placed nearest to your location which in turn helps you avoid multiple trips to dumping yards. In fact, all you have to do is just dump all the waste together in one bin and after that, their professional team will segregate the waste and take responsible actions to manage it the right way.

Improved Safety and Hygiene

Hiring a skip bin improves the safety and hygiene of your locality. To clarify, with a skip bin nearby an individual or business that produces any hazardous waste can dump it in a skip bin and avoid putting it out in an open dump yard.

Because, if this hazardous waste is left open and unattended, it can lead to unfortunate accidents or health risks.

Thus, a skip bin provides a safe and secure place to dump these waste contaminants.

Dos and Don’ts when Choosing Cheap Skip Bins

With so many options available in the market, there are some dos and don’ts that one should keep in mind while choosing a cheap skip bin.

  • Find and hire a local skip bin provider in Auckland to eliminate the higher delivery and service cost. Moreover, they will have a better understanding of local laws and regulations to guide you accordingly and avoid any hefty fines.
  • Predetermine the size of the bin on the basis of your requirements. It will help you avoid the higher cost of hiring a larger skip bin. For this purpose, you can always ask your provider for assistance.
  • When choosing a cheap skip bin never compromise on quality. Therefore, make sure to compare your options on the basis of reviews and feedback to select the best option and make sure that they comply with all the environmental regulations.

Some Uncommon Benefits of Skip Bin Hire

Maintaining a commercial space can be difficult, as you must find ways to keep it clean and free from clutter. If you’re looking for a way to do this, skip bin hire in Auckland can help. Here are some reasons why skip bin hire is an important part of keeping your commercial space clean.

Helps Keep Your Office Space Clean and Clutter-Free

A skip bin is an excellent way to clear out clutter and unwanted items from your office. They are also a great way to eliminate any general waste accumulated in the building. This not only helps you keep your office looking tidy, but it also means less rubbish for the trash collection company to remove from the street outside your business.

Helps Your Commercial Space Remain Organised

If you’re not careful, rubbish and clutter can quickly build up in your office space. This is especially true if multiple people are working in the same area who each have their personal preference for where things should be placed and how they should be kept.

The best way around this problem would be by hiring skip bins from Skip Bins Direct so that you don’t have any issues keeping your office clean and tidy! They’ll come by now and then throughout the year (or whenever necessary), grab all those unwanted items which cause disorganisation within an environment.”

Skips Ensure Safety in Your Workplace

If you’re a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that the workplace is safe. Having a skip bin on site will ensure that your employees are not at risk from any hazardous materials, which can harm their health and productivity. Skip bins are also convenient for storing waste until it can be disposed of safely and appropriately for the environment.

Skip Bins are Convenient

Skip bins are convenient for several reasons. 

  • They are easy to hire. You don’t have to spend time going out and looking for a skip bin because it is delivered to your doorstep.
  • They are easy to store while they are not being used, which means no space issues during storage periods and no extra money spent on hiring trucks or vehicles just so they can be transported from one place to another – especially if these vehicles aren’t available due to weather conditions or other factors outside of control (like an accident).
  • Skips bins can also be stacked on top of each other, which helps save space overall! The more compactness there is in design and construction, the less cost there will be overall when considering both upfront costs and ongoing operating expenses such as maintenance fees over time (i.e., servicing fees).

Skip Bins Are Relatively Affordable

Skip bins are a great way to keep your commercial space looking clean without spending too much money. Traditional skip trucks are relatively expensive to hire, and it’s not uncommon for them to charge by the hour. 

Dumpsters can also be expensive; depending on their size, they may need to be relocated several times during the week or even daily. Skip bins are cheaper than both options because you don’t have to pay for their collection or disposal—you simply put your rubbish in them and let them sit there until they get collected!


We hope this article has helped you to understand the benefits of hiring skip bins for your commercial space. In conclusion, we would like to say that if you need any help with choosing the right skip bin size or other information about our services, please contact us today.


Why You Need To Hire Skip Bins For A Safe Waste Disposal?

Whether you’re hosting a party or a massive corporate event, waste disposal is an important aspect you need to think about. After all, nothing is more arduous than clearing up after a party. Moreover, this situation not only applies to social events. If you live in a large household with several family members, you must know the struggle of disposing of the waste safely. 

That being said, if you own a venture that regularly produces bulky and often hazardous waste, it is best to hire a professional service to ensure that the trash is discarded in a responsible way. 

For effective waste disposal, you can consider hiring skip bins. There are a number of companies that also offer mini skips to clear off the residential rubbish and dispose of it safely. So, if you are looking for rubbish bins in Auckland, here’s why it is a great idea. 

Read on to learn more about various ways skip bins can be helpful.


It’s Convenient, Cost-Saving and Time-Saving.

Properly and responsibly disposing of waste is essential. But, things can get a little challenging when you don’t know where to start. But, if you go for such services, you could responsibly get rid of the bulky and hazardous waste, which is also a great option for saving more. 

In short, when you hire professional skip bins services, you get rid of the rubbish fast and effectively. In fact, if you are a business owner, this could save you a lot of time, as you won’t be spending hours sorting through the rubbish and getting rid of it. Instead, you can use this time to focus on growing your business operations. 


It Is Environmentally Sustainable.

As a working professional, you might not be aware of how to dispose of the waste in a responsible manner. Moreover, disposing of the waste is quite a challenging process. You need to segregate the waste into what is recyclable and what is not. Not only would this take a lot of time, but you might not be able to segregate it right, making the entire process futile. 

Instead, hire the professionals who will make sure the waste is segregated and disposed of in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. By doing this, you could rest assured that all your trash is going to the right place. This can help you do your part for the planet. 


The Professionals Would Dispose Of The Waste Safely.

You might be throwing certain waste that is hazardous for the environment or animals. But, with the right skip bins services, you would be able to ensure that the waste is being disposed of safely. 

In addition to this, it is vital to be aware of state policies before disposing of hazardous waste. And that can be quite time-consuming. But you can save a lot of time by hiring professionals. That’s because they’re well trained as well as aware of relevant disposing policies. You can rest assured that any hazardous waste will be handled in the right way. 


In A Nutshell

Hiring skip bins services is a great way to save time, money and be more responsible when it comes to disposing  of the waste. In addition to this, you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of segregating the waste by yourself or understanding disposing policies. Before you hire someone, make sure you do your research to find a suitable service for your needs. It’s always a good idea to compare rates before choosing a skip bin provider.